Several Roulette Tips For New Players

Playing the roulette wheel requires absolutely no skill at all and no strategy to try to win. It is strictly a game of chance which is why anyone can play and win, whether they are a beginner or a veteran player. That is what makes it so popular in casinos and online; everyone has an equal chance at winning. But some tip roulette for new players can help in getting started and knowing what to expect.

Before playing it is important to take a little bit of time to learn the game and its rules. Unlike poker or blackjack, this is a game of chance not skill and chance. It will help to know the rules and the different bets, payoffs, and player odds. This way you know what to expect before you start playing and don’t walk away disappointed.

Each spin of the wheel has the same number of odds as the last one. No spin influences another. No matter how many times someone has won in the past spins, the next one could be a loser. A ball can fall on a black twenty times in a row and still come up red on the next. Every time the wheel is spun, the odds are exactly the same as the last spin. When one is having a lucky day, play on that luck but remember that it can turn quickly.

When given a choice, many prefer the European tables to the US tables. This is because there is a very small but important difference between the two. A US table has both a zero and a double zero while the European only has the one green zero pocket. That extra pocket gives the US table a higher advantage than a European table. It goes from a 2.7% advantage all the way up to a 5.26% advantage.

The nice thing about tip roulette is not only its simplicity, but also the number of betting options. One can place a straight bet, an outside bet or an inside bet. The easiest and the one chose by those who like to play a lucky number or the birthdays of their kids are the straight bet. Here you select a number between one and thirty six, betting on as many numbers as you want with each bet carrying the same odds and payout.

The outside bet is considered the best strategy in betting. You have a variety of options with this: red or black, high or low, odd or even, and the first, second, or third twelve. The red or black, high or low, and odd or even bets gives one a chance of winning at least half the time. The payout varies with each method here. For example betting ten dollars on red can payout at ten dollars, while the same bet on the first twelve, which is any number from one to twelve, can pay out at twenty dollars.

Betting the long odds is done with inside bets, and these have a better payout. This is when the bets are placed inside the grid or at an intersection. This way you are able to bet a combination of numbers. One example is the corner bet, it is made at the intersection of four numbers. Another example is the six line bet which is at the edge of the grid between two rows. A five number bet should be avoided; this is when a bet is on the edge of a grid between zero and double zero, and one, two, three. This is only for those that truly feel lucky as the house has the edge with a five number bet, giving it the advantage of 7.9%.

Anyone can enjoy playing roulette with absolutely no skill necessary and still come out a winner at times. As it is all about chance, a few roulette tips for new players can let them know what they are getting into before sitting at the table. There will be days when lady luck shines brightly down and others when she is nowhere to be seen. Recognizing the time to pack in wins and cut your losses is needed in any game.